Happy New Year everyone

On behalf of the Hazel Crest Open lands we would like to wish everyone an happy and safe New Year . Last year the Hazel Crest Open Lands decided that we would be posting the majority of pictures and videos on our official facebook page .

Johnny Appleseed Birthday Party

  On September 23rd 2017  The Hazel Crest Open Land hosted a birthday party for Johnny Appleseed . This included education on the life of times of Johnny Appleseed  and on planting and the benefits  of trees .

Hazel Crest Work day ( 7-5-2017)

On July 5th 2017 the Open land commission did  tree removal near the swamp . We removed trees and stumps .   We cleared out the area to start a multi part program of clearing out the swamp lands . 

Open lands Plant Sell Fundraiser

  On Saturday June 17th The Hazel Crest Open land Commission had a plant Sell . ‘We are glad to say the Fundraiser was a success . The group raised 100 dollars and the Open Land members had fun interacting with the residents of the south land .  We hope to do this again next…

Your Openlands members at work

On April 22nd  2017 member of the Hazel Crest Open Land worked on the Hazel Crest Open land sign around 175th and Kedzie 

Hazel Crest Open Lands Commission events 2017

Happy New Year from the Hazel Crest Open Lands Commission . We hope everyone had a happy and safe Holiday season .  This year we are proud to be hosting numerous events that are informative and entertaining .   Monday March 13th   at 6:30 PM – “Importance of Trees to Native Americans” The Open Lands…

Johnny Appleseed Birthday

On Saturday September 24th 2016 the Hazel Crest Open lands hosted our second annual birthday party for Johnny Appleseed . It was an education  experience plus we had hayrides and Applecider for all

Johnny Appleseed Birthday Celebration 2016

The Hazel Crest Open land Commission will be having a party /celebration for Johnny Appleseed on September the 24th 2016 starting at 10:00am -1:00 pm. The location is at : 3000 W 170th Pl, Hazel Crest, IL 60429 There will be Apple cider served and hayrides for everyone plus a special appearance by Johnny Appleseed Himself All…

Hazel Crest Youth Working in the Open land

In early July the youth who were members of Hazel Crest “Summer Bridge ” program which was a program that was started by Hazel Crest Village Board President Venard Alsberry .   The youth planted Tress and spent the day learning about the environment and why it’s important to take care of our open lands